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Poland · January 11, 2024

Smart investment in a yacht in Poland

Picturesque Masurian Lake District

If you are seeking a smart investment that offers both luxury and potential returns, consider investing in a fractional ownership of a charter yacht.

Picture yourself enjoying the lavish experience of boating on a motor yacht in Poland’s Masurian Lake District, while also earning income from its charter services. Diversifying your investments is crucial, as it reduces the risk of having all your funds tied to a single asset. Investing in a yacht can be a valuable addition to your portfolio. With the growing demand for yacht charters, this investment holds the potential for attractive returns. Not only will you be investing in a profitable industry, but you will also have the opportunity to own a yacht and indulge in the excitement of boating.

Investing in the picturesque Masurian Lake District in Poland offers a unique opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views and serene waters, while also having the option to charter your yacht to others. When it comes to investing in a yacht for charter, there are several options available. You can choose to invest in an entire vessel (1), or alternatively, opt for a half (1/2) or a third (1/3) share of a yacht. This flexibility allows you to tailor your investment to your budget and risk tolerance. Investing in a fractional ownership of a yacht for charter also relieves you from the complexities and expenses of sole ownership. Maintenance, docking fees, and crew costs are shared among the owners, making yacht ownership more accessible and manageable. Additionally, with the growing popularity of yacht charters, you can expect a steady stream of income from your investment. Moreover, there is potential to sell your share of the yacht in the future, potentially yielding a profitable return.

Our charter packages are developed in collaboration with shipyards and charter management companies. Currently, we are pleased to introduce an investment package for the Motor Yacht LY30+ Fly Trawler. This exceptional and well-appointed yacht serves as a floating apartment, providing guests with a range of practical amenities. These include a spacious living area with a fully equipped kitchen, the option to create an open space between the cockpit and the saloon (featuring three-leaf doors and a bar-style tilting window), an L-shaped fold-out sofa in the cockpit, a collapsible table and bar, well-equipped kitchen furnishings, storage furniture (such as wardrobes, shelves, and beds) in the bunks, a shower area, and a separate toilet.